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Fabius-Pompey Central School District

Timothy P. Ryan, Superintendent
1211 Mill Street
Fabius, NY 13063
Phone - 315-683-5301
Fax - 315-683-5827

This is the time of the year when school districts have much of the information needed to create a school budget. The Governor has presented his budget and the Legislature is now negotiating possible adjustments. At this point in the process, school boards have a pretty good idea of revenue amounts from the State and also have a good understanding of the increase in expenditures for budget items that are not under local control. With this information, the Board of Education and the administrative staff are able to focus on creating a school budget for the upcoming year.

The Board creates a spending plan based on three goals. The first is with a focus on preserving and improving the Kindergarten through 12th grade instructional program. This guiding principal has allowed the school district to gradually and continually increase the opportunities for students. Adherence to this philosophy can be seen in academic opportunities, co-curricular opportunities and athletic opportunities.

The second guiding principal for budget development at Fabius-Pompey is to develop a plan that is both educationally sound and fiscally responsible to the community. Over the last ten years, regardless of whether a State tax cap was in existence or not, the Board has tried to keep the budget as even as possible from year to year and to have small, predictable increases in school taxes when needed. There is an understanding that when it comes to expenses, regardless of whether the expenses are personal, part of a business or are expenses that the school has to incur, the ability to predict and plan for those expenses is essential.

The third goal in Fabius-Pompey’s budget development is to maintain sound fiscal management practices for the strategic long-term financial welfare of the District. This involves the appropriate funding of reserves, with an eye on using those reserves to offset future expenses. We also need to be diligent in maximizing all potential forms of State aid. The State aid formulas are complicated and change from year to year based on political influences in Albany and in Washington DC. It is important that we understand the rules of State aid and navigate the process in a manner that maximizes the aid for the Fabius-Pompey School District.

By staying true to the goals the Board has developed for building a school budget, the District has been able to maintain a consistent balance between revenues and expenses even when there have been enormous swings in expenses and in times of large reductions in State aid. Between now and May, the Board will continue to fine-tune the budget. We encourage you to attend Board Meetings and ask questions or voice concerns during this process.

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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